If you’re writing, you have to stick with it.

No taking breaks, no feeling good about what you’ve accomplished. Not even a little mini-break holiday to have a forbidden Frappucino drink in the back yard to watch the dog herd the chickens.

Because when you come back to it, it sucks!

I have no idea what I was doing. All those notations I made in the margins of my hard copy? Have I made those corrections to the draft on the computer? Because it looks like I’ve also made corrections on the computer that aren’t in the hard copy. So which do I use? They both sound good now.

I clearly started to use my color-coding technique that I highly recommend, but what goals did I have this time? I apparently wasn’t clever enough to write down which color meant what. Perhaps I just thought the brick-colored Sharpie was pretty? Or was the only pen available at the time?

And I refer to some research notes that I made. I’m supposed to go look at them again. I was very excited about it. Lots of exclamation points and stars around the memo I made for myself. But where are these notes? Which book were they in? I seem to have piles of notes neatly organized on my desk by some method that I’m sure made sense at the time, but now completely confuses me. And why was I so excited? Was it really that brilliant? Because it doesn’t seem like it now. Actually seems kind of silly. Am I missing something?

Well… Yes. I am missing something. The research notes!

So valuable lesson learned. Never stop. No matter how bored, annoyed, frustrated, tired… I need to always keep working on writing, even if it is just a little bit each day. I should know better. Honestly.

In other news, I feel like I’ve at least done something good because I took a ten-day trip and still managed to eke out three blog posts this month. I swear. It’s the little things.

And Google Chrome is no longer my favorite browser because they’ve got this annoying new print function that brings up a separate screen and tries to connect directly with your printer from that…and my printer doesn’t like it and says rude things to me.

Yes. This is my life.


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