My first love (don’t tell my husband) is writing.

Jenny's fountain pen collection on her about me page

And this doesn’t even include the red Parker…

I’ve written stories ever since I picked up my first Big Chief tablet and fat red pencil and my mom helped me staple together a somewhat feminist version of Snow White. (I believe she kissed the prince awake and there was a pet goose named Joe.)

These days I use a computer (although I have an absurd love and collection of fountain pens). And now I write young adult novels (nothing published yet, but I’m working on it!). The first is an alternate reality novel about a girl jester who gets involved with intrigue at court, discovers a conspiracy against her king, and works with the king’s youngest son to save the day. I’m something of an expert on jesters now – the joke being that out of the 12 experts on jesters in the world, I’m number 13.

The second novel I’m working on takes place in the 1920s. It’s about a girl who becomes an airmail pilot in order to discover what’s happened to her brother. Research is definitely one of my favorite aspects of writing, so I’ve become something of an expert on the fledging airmail program. It’s amazing. Now if only I could get my pilot’s license…

Jesters and Pilots and…Farmers?

Me and Blue the dog at the beach

Me and Blue at the beach

I grew up outside of a very small town (pop. 8) in Kansas (yes, I’m a real farmer’s daughter), but moved to Portland to attend Reed College in the 90s, so I figured I’m a true Oregonian now. Especially since I married a Portland native. (Although every real native I meet informs me that it doesn’t count.)

I spend much of my time writing, gardening, taking care of my “farm” (one dog, one cat, and the chickens), doing far too much knitting, traveling (though never enough), and working for the fabulous glass artist Roger Thomas at Roger Thomas Glass. Although it’s not really working. Most of it is making sure he’s not watching YouTube videos of cats and theremin players while he’s supposed to be in the studio throwing glass around.

I spent three years as president and am a member of Willamette Writers, an amazing nonprofit organization in the Pacific Northwest that offers writers the chance to connect with other writers in their communities, holds incredible meetings and workshops so writers can learn more about the craft of writing, and the opportunity to advance their careers. They have an amazing conference every year in August. I would highly recommend it.