Jungle Red Writers – Why didn’t I know about this before?

How fun is this?

Some of my favorite authors (especially Hallie Ephron, who teaches and speaks at the Willamette Writers Conference) who get together and blog about books and Downton Abbey and food (lobster bisque recipe, anyone?) It’s super entertaining. They took their name from the nail polish in the play The Women by Clare Boothe Luce. Although maybe the nail polish was only in the movie? Not sure. Doesn’t matter. I like it that they get as distracted from writing as I do. It’s a comfort. Much like lobster bisque.

In other news, this is NOT one of the websites down today because of the SOPA – Protect IP Act protest. Nor is mine. But WordPress is. Tried to look up some information on a Plug-In and got sent to a scary black screen. I was about to panic and slam the screen closed all while busting out an exorcism chant, then realized all was well. Watched a little video, sent my letter to Congress… Basically feeling very proactive. Not that I’m against protection and internet safety and all, I’m just thinking that bills that haven’t been around very long and get the rushy-rushy treatment are a little dodgy. (And I’m really glad that I finally managed to work the word “dodgy” into a post. Also now have the Schoolhouse Rock song “I’m Just a Bill” stuck in my head.) Seems like something this important could get a bit more time spent on it and a little more input.

In the meantime, enjoy Jungle Red Writers. And, apparently, “I’m Just a Bill.” Ruminate a bit on how our government works…


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